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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hey Hey hey!!

Hey all!!! Thanks for checking up on me and pushing me to get my a$$ back here. Nahin! Ishq vishq nahin hua hai!! ;) Who is this anony who knows me so well??

Just been crazzzy busy!! Here's doing what! I have told you all about the Kalki show - that happened on April 5th. It was a fun fun event, at least for the participants. ;) The stress, the commotion, the rush - it was all thrilling and was well appreciated. (We had a really kind audience). ;) BUT, I am glad it's over. I finally got my evenings back, could start cooking, and spending time for me!! Gooood feeling.

And thennnn, last to last weekend, Cha and I had an amazing trip to the Colorado Rockies. It was our getaway - we really needed to leave Austin and everything Kalki related behind (except the both of us of course) and it was fabulous! Now the Rockies really deserve a separate post! So magnificent and yet so calm! Sigh!

And thennnnn, all of last week, I was in GREECE!!!! Yes!! Greece!! This was my first trip to Europa and I loveeeddd it!!! The trip was a very last minute decision - this is what happens when you have siblings like mine. They can buy tickets to Europe 10 days before the departure, with no idea how to get the Visa. That's my family! Anyway, I took the plunge and it was oh-so-worth-it.

Oh well, I am back to real ground now and I think I have laid out pretty valid excuses for my absence. I do have some thoughts which I need to write about soon and of course will be waiting for your smashing comments! ;)

Till then - Yia sou! (Thankyou/Good bye in Greek) ;)


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