Areille - the Lioness of God

Friday, July 13, 2007

Not-so-Emergency 9-1-1

I know I know ... it's almost illegal to keep y'all waiting for so long and now start writing on something else. Well what can I say? I am really not in the mood for completing that story ... but I have got another one for you!

Yesterday I was driving on 71 E back to work from my lunch break. I and the car ahead of me were happily cruising at 70mph in nearly zero traffic. And suddenly, he brakes. He is down to nearly 20mph in the middle of the freeway. I jammed the brakes while cussing him like never before and the next thing he does is swerve to the right. There I was with no time to do anything and a bucket in front of me. What was a bucket doing in the middle of the road? Who the %$#& knows. Anyway, in those milliseconds I thought, no biggie, I will drive right over it ... and I did and immediately I understood why he swerved. I was now driving with a loud dragging sound and the smell of burning plastic filling up my car. I immediately switched lanes and parked my car in the non-existent shoulder. There I was, the 1p afternoon sun, cars speeding past me, a bucket under my car and out of my reach. I called 9-1-1. The so-called emergency line. And guess what? They took a whole hour and 10 mins, yes, thats right 1h10m to get to me!!! I slept the entire hour in my air-conditioned car ... but it did get me thinking:

- what if I was getting robbed or raped or killed!! One hour??? I means thats ridiculous.
- Not one person stopped to help me out ... even though I, a girl, stood outside my car for a few mins waving for help. KalyuG!
- What would I do had it not been the age of cell phones and air-conditioners?? I can't even think of any alternative options.
- Why are people throwing buckets on the road??? Curses on them!

Definitely want to thank God for things like the luxury of cell phones and air-conditioners and more importantly having friends to call/sms. Also, would like to warn others to not rely on the 'emergency' system or even 'people'!!!