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Friday, July 16, 2010

My 11 days of motherhood!

My sister and Brother-in-law were brave enough to trust me and P to take care of their precious twin boys for 11 whole days, 9 of which they were out touring Switzerland and Italy. Of course my Mom being with us was a crucial part of it cause in this area I am (or should I say was) a total novice. :-)

First thing that comes to mind when I look back on this experience - Parenthood is TOUGH! It really made me appreciate all those parents, single moms, moms with one child, multiple children .. all of them & above all my own parents. This isn't an easy task! I thought my sister was prepping me too much, when she asked me 3 times a day for 3 whole weeks if I was "ready for them"!! Oh, how irritated I was. But seriously, I don't think she knew, how much ever she thought she prepped me, and how ready I thought I was, you just can never be ready till you are smack in the middle of it! This isn't something that can be taught or demonstrated, it's all about the 'experience'!

Ok, I think I am making this sound like I was very tortured. Lol! I really wasn't. In fact I LOVED every minute of it and missed them terribly the second they left! And I guess that's the whole charm of babies and what they call the joys of motherhood. After all those sleepless nights, the tantrums and screams, the mess, one gorgeous smile your way, just makes your heart melt. Makes you forget everything and truly makes all your efforts feel worth it.

Here's an interesting thought that hit me as I observed them - They depend on us for everything, we are their source of food, hygeine, entertainment, sleep, everything, and yet, funnily, they own us!

Here are some of my Memorable moments with J n K

1. Morning smiles: They seem to be in the BEST of moods at 7AM! Wonder at what age that changes and why! But they actually motivated me to be up early .. which is an achievement.
2. Them swaying from side to side when we sing "I love you .. you love me" and head banging when we sing other peppy numbers! Makes me laugh just thinking of it.
3. Pool time: Kishnoo is such a water baby! Loved the splashing and just being in the water. Jaiyoo a bit more delicate would splash .. then get out of the water and then want to come back in. ADORABLE!
4. Head Bump time with Jaiyoo: It's tough to explain .. it's just so darn cute.
5. Kishnoo's aaahaaahaahaa: This one is also ridiculously tough to explain but here goes. Kishnoo loves plucking flowers and my mom has now trained him to not pluck them but say "aaahaahaahaa" indicating "oh they are so pretty". Its HILARIOUS to hear him say that! I would take him near my flower pots just to hear that.
6. Animals: I don't know how and when this came about .. but they are ecstatic when they see any animals. I showed them my cats, neighbors dogs, chickens, goats, peacocks what not .. and they just have this weird animal call voice which comes out. It's sooo amusing to see their excitement.
7. Eat: How they ask for everything you are eating. They just want to eat anything and everything you put in your mouth, even if they have *just* had a full fledged meal! Amazing.
8. Bath time: I gave them ALL their baths and I loved each of them. That's the time I felt like a true mom. There is something just so soothing and beautiful about bath time. Oh and the smell of baby products and their baby skin. Soft like butter!!
9. Talk - I LOVED it when they said Mamoma or Mumma or their fav. CAR!! They just sound SOOOO cute! It's a delight to hear their voices, one so different from the other, yet both so melodious!
10. Barneeeyyyy: Oh how we loved Barney and memorized each of Mother Goose's rhymes! Our few minutes of peace! Have to mention Barney!

All in all, i can't wait to see them next and I can definitely wait to have my own! :D


  • At 7/16/2010 2:24 PM, Blogger Charanya said…

    You mean you CAN'T wait to have your own???? :) I would love to be Aunt Cha to a local baby! *Hint* *Hint*

    I LOVE their "CAR" and "BOWOW" them a plane, it's a "CAR", show them a cat, it's a "BOWOW"...SO adorable!!!!! :) Thanks for letting me spend all that time with them!! :)

  • At 7/16/2010 2:25 PM, Blogger Charanya said…

    And this is SO TRUE!!!!
    "They depend on us for everything, we are their source of food, hygeine, entertainment, sleep, everything, and yet, funnily, they own us!"

  • At 7/20/2010 11:23 AM, Blogger G3 said…

    they LOVED their time with Cha aunty toooo! :D I swear .. they told me .. in their sleep .. coz Jaiyoo sleep talks!! LOL! :D

  • At 7/20/2010 12:08 PM, Blogger Priyank said…

    Looks like their fake crying, timeouts and pulling each other's hair didn't make it to your memorable moments :)

  • At 7/20/2010 7:50 PM, Blogger Prash said…

    You guys rock! This is such a sweet many things we always experienced but never read or heard from an 'outsider'.
    Cha, stop signing up random people for baby sitting. One of the reasons we're considering an Austin move is coz u promised to baby sit our boys 'often' ;-)

  • At 7/27/2010 9:00 AM, Blogger Abhijit said…

    #6 when u mention "they are ecstatic when they see any animals", had to share this video..

    And chickens, goats, PEACOCKS.. woww!! cool neighbors u got! Its such an amazing bond when kids interact with pets at an early age, and one that can hardly be substituted with anything else.

    Am kinda curious to know if ur cats were allowed to roam freely near J n K, or strictly out of the room..

    #5 aaahaaahaahaa one just spells too much fun.
    Enjoyed reading ur memorable moments. Lucky u, to say the least!
    Well, don't know who's luckier - u for having J n K in ur life or them for having U around.. :)

  • At 7/27/2010 9:08 AM, Blogger G3 said…

    Aww that's sweet Abhijit! Yes my cats were allowed to roam freely around them .. but they would prefer hiding under the table or behind the sofa or be on the cat tree .. because these kiddos would chase them and shriek with excitement the minute they saw them move. That didn't go too well with the cats. One of my cats did go on the defense once and smacked Krish's hands. So we were always kind of aware of where the cats and kids were .. but no restrictions. I do agree .. every kid should have pet interactions early on. I think it's a great thing!! :)

  • At 7/28/2010 8:35 AM, Blogger Abhijit said…

    Got u! Ideal setting then - ur cats and J n K sharing the excitement, interacting and having fun, with u around to intervene if at all..

    Too much excitement for one of ur cats and quick learning for Krish :D Quite bold of them to chase the cats - hehe, which is a good thing! In short, J n K owned the cats too.. ;)

    Wow - all in all, must have been thoroughly entertaining.. Cool u shared! :)

  • At 8/29/2010 10:47 PM, Blogger Abhijit said…

    Since u mentioned ur cats, maybe u know 'Maru', the Scottish Fold cat in Japan, who has become an international youtube sensation. In case not, here's some fun videos:


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