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Thursday, April 16, 2009

*The* Proposal!

It was a fine Saturday morning - pretty windy and nice. P and I had signed up for a half marathon on some very enthusiastic day, and now it was just 2 weeks away. "We" had planned all week to try out a long run on Saturday morning. I wanted to run the yukky race course (very dry and un-scenic). P insisted on running the 'scenic' drive on the pretense that the hills will really help him build his strength and endurance. Me being me, argued a bit about it and then finally said ... Fine! Scenic Drive it is. At 7 in the morning, I wore the most grunge clothes I had and set out to run. He looked at me, desperately wanting to tell me to dress better. Lol!

Off we started on our run. He usually runs a lot faster than me ... so there I was .. about 5-10 mins behind him ... running by the beautiful lake, enjoying the breeze, enjoying Austin. I thought to myself - this day can't get any better! Little did I know! ;)

The route was a loop back route - run up a hilly neighborhood .. and then run back. I met him as I entered the hilly neighborhood and he was on his way back .. he was zooming and panting ... I wanted to turn back with him at that point .. but he encouraged me to complete the distance .. and so i did. On my way back, I noticed someone waving. It was P; he was injured and wanted to take a break. I was so dazed, just wanted to get done with my run. But decided to *not* be a b&^%$ and sit with him. We walked to a bench facing the lake. When I think of the whole scene now, I wonder how I didn't suspect, how I just sat on the bench not turning around, not suspecting a thing. But I really didn't. I was still very very dazed from my run and the morning hour. As I sat, he presented me with a bouquet of gorgeous white and red roses & Soy Chai (thanks Cha for this and more!). :) I was like .. what the?? And thats when I thought, aww, he is just being the sweetheart he always is .. surprising me with chai and what not ..! It *still* didn't strike me. Everything beyond this point is a blur!! He got down on his knees, opened the box with the bling, gave the most romantic speech ever (which I had to ask him to recite to me again later coz I didn't remember a thing!), and that's it ... I was "engaged to be married"!! The moment I had wondered about for years and years ... was finally here!

Wait that's not it .. there was more ... as I hugged and kissed him and jumped with joy - I had a secret visitor. I turned around and there was my dear friend, Cha, with the camera!! Thanks to her, a lot more ppl got to see how wonderful the moment was for me. I was surprised beyond belief. Fiance, Friends, Chai, Roses, Bling, townlake .... and just 45 mins back I was thinking if that day could have gotten any better!!!

The rest of my day involved a lot of pampering from the beau .. a trip to San Antonio .. a nice romantic Italian dinner followed by hookah and what not! :D

I am very very thankful for what I have got .. and I hope I will always be this thankful, cause God has been kind ... very kind! :)


  • At 4/20/2009 7:38 AM, Blogger Reems said…

    Aww thats so awesome - need to see the pictures now !

  • At 4/20/2009 6:13 PM, Blogger Ankit said…

    kahaani poori filmi hai.....


  • At 4/20/2009 7:08 PM, Blogger G3 said…

    Thanks guys .. it was pretty awesome!! :-)

  • At 5/02/2009 12:35 PM, Blogger Vaishali said…

    Gayathri, Congratulations! What a lovely proposal--you are lucky to have each other. My best wishes to P and you for a long and happy future.

  • At 5/14/2009 2:17 PM, Blogger Charanya said…

    It was just perfect! P2 and you are just perfect!! So glad I could help and also witness it! :) Congratulations again and again! *Hugs*

  • At 5/19/2009 1:15 PM, Anonymous Srilatha said…

    I was bored at work today and decided to visit all the old (?) blogs I used to read. Did I land here with perfect timing or what!?

    Congratulations girl! Im very very happy for you. Thank you for sharing something so special with us all.

    Now, if only we could see what Cha saw :P

  • At 5/22/2009 7:15 AM, Blogger Ketaki said…

    Congratulations Gayathri!


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