Areille - the Lioness of God

Monday, March 23, 2009

The "Wait" is over!

Hey all!! I am so so so flattered. Frankly, I have been eagerly waiting for some 'free' time to pen down all that's on my mind. I think I am beginning to understand what I have been told many many times - you can't find time, you have to make time.

So here I am ... making my time. Gosh! It feels good to write again! :)

And Yes .. I am engaged!! And the details of my proposal deserves a post of its own! So TBD on that. This post is going to be about the wait and the end of it!!

For years and years, I wondered - who my soul mate will be .. will I ever find him or would I just settle ... etc. etc. I have spent many hours complaining to my very patient girlfriends about how I just don't 'feel' it for the guy I am talking to ... our how I am hopeful in the beginning and then something just doesn't fall right. I really began to wonder - was it me? Am I being too picky? Am I asking for too much ... all I am really looking for is to "click". Does that even make sense? Besides my parents requirement of a "Hindu Indian boy", I really didn't have any specifications on height, color of the skin, language, salary etc etc. But I wasn't willing to compromise on that 'chemistry' 'the sparks' and the comfort that my sister often spoke about. For me, my sis and my brother in law are the closest couple of my age group who are SO much in sync with each other. Neither of them are perfect, but even in their flaws, they perfectly blend. Oh how much I wanted that, prayed for that, wished for that. My mom would often tell me - stop putting your bro in law as the approval limit - it's a tough one for anyone to match. It was a tough one .. I knew it .. but not an impossible one, I thought. Funnily I think my BIL had set himself as the bar even when he looked for guys for me. Cause even to him, no one was ever good enough for me! There would be those few guys who I would want to consider, but none would ever get his approval status. And here enters - Mr. P! Mr. P was found by my BIL's best friend - instant approval! With a lot of persistent effort from my BIL and his darling friend, Mr. A, "WE" met!

Readers, I have never been happier. I now know - there is such a thing called a soul mate, there is such a thing called chemistry and there is definitely such a thing called comfort. And when the guy is right, all this will require ZERO effort. I don't even know where the days, weeks, months have gone by! I have no clue. All I can feel is blessed and grateful and thankful. I am not saying, Mr. P is perfect, and I snagged the best single guy out there .. No .. none of that. But I can say, with 100% confidence, that he is the PERFECT guy out there for ME. We click, we blend, we love! Quoting my Dad - "Mr. P has joined our family like sugar in milk - making us all better and sweeter." How true!

Phew! My wait was definitely worth it. I can't advise every single girl and guy out there to wait though .. each of us have different requirements and have to approach things differently. But I do think, that if you keep wishing for something, God will give it to you. Which means 2 things - One, be careful what you wish for - it just might come true and Second - sometimes we don't have the ability to recognize that we are getting just what we wanted. So be sure to keep a special eye out for that!

Lot more posts coming up soon!