Areille - the Lioness of God

Thursday, April 16, 2009

*The* Proposal!

It was a fine Saturday morning - pretty windy and nice. P and I had signed up for a half marathon on some very enthusiastic day, and now it was just 2 weeks away. "We" had planned all week to try out a long run on Saturday morning. I wanted to run the yukky race course (very dry and un-scenic). P insisted on running the 'scenic' drive on the pretense that the hills will really help him build his strength and endurance. Me being me, argued a bit about it and then finally said ... Fine! Scenic Drive it is. At 7 in the morning, I wore the most grunge clothes I had and set out to run. He looked at me, desperately wanting to tell me to dress better. Lol!

Off we started on our run. He usually runs a lot faster than me ... so there I was .. about 5-10 mins behind him ... running by the beautiful lake, enjoying the breeze, enjoying Austin. I thought to myself - this day can't get any better! Little did I know! ;)

The route was a loop back route - run up a hilly neighborhood .. and then run back. I met him as I entered the hilly neighborhood and he was on his way back .. he was zooming and panting ... I wanted to turn back with him at that point .. but he encouraged me to complete the distance .. and so i did. On my way back, I noticed someone waving. It was P; he was injured and wanted to take a break. I was so dazed, just wanted to get done with my run. But decided to *not* be a b&^%$ and sit with him. We walked to a bench facing the lake. When I think of the whole scene now, I wonder how I didn't suspect, how I just sat on the bench not turning around, not suspecting a thing. But I really didn't. I was still very very dazed from my run and the morning hour. As I sat, he presented me with a bouquet of gorgeous white and red roses & Soy Chai (thanks Cha for this and more!). :) I was like .. what the?? And thats when I thought, aww, he is just being the sweetheart he always is .. surprising me with chai and what not ..! It *still* didn't strike me. Everything beyond this point is a blur!! He got down on his knees, opened the box with the bling, gave the most romantic speech ever (which I had to ask him to recite to me again later coz I didn't remember a thing!), and that's it ... I was "engaged to be married"!! The moment I had wondered about for years and years ... was finally here!

Wait that's not it .. there was more ... as I hugged and kissed him and jumped with joy - I had a secret visitor. I turned around and there was my dear friend, Cha, with the camera!! Thanks to her, a lot more ppl got to see how wonderful the moment was for me. I was surprised beyond belief. Fiance, Friends, Chai, Roses, Bling, townlake .... and just 45 mins back I was thinking if that day could have gotten any better!!!

The rest of my day involved a lot of pampering from the beau .. a trip to San Antonio .. a nice romantic Italian dinner followed by hookah and what not! :D

I am very very thankful for what I have got .. and I hope I will always be this thankful, cause God has been kind ... very kind! :)