Areille - the Lioness of God

Thursday, July 23, 2009


The other day, I was driving home from work and got stuck in traffic. That’s usually the time I let my mind wander… ponder ... get into phillosphical debates with myself. As I drove, I decided to close my one eye and see how easy it is to drive. Driving was okay .. but perception did get messed up. Checking blindspots became close to impossible. As soon as traffic started zooming by, I got startled and opened my closed eye all panicked. You must be wondering .. what the hell was this girl thinking?? Well I have a reason. My dad lost his eye when he was just 3 or 4 years old. He was playing like any other kid and fell onto the pointy ledge that fenced his yard. With a bunch of uneducated elders around him, who didn’t realize the need for immediate medical attention, his one eye was lost forever. Every time I think of this .. I tear up! My poor dad … what he must have gone through! And yet, he was able to bring up a beautiful family, prosper, inspire so many people and live so well inspite of this handicap. A handicap I couldn’t last through for more than a minute. That’s his greatness .. but if it was me … would I have been able to do the same? I don't think so. Then why am I not thankful for having my set of eyes intact? It’s terrible how we take all of this for granted. We don’t spare 2 minutes to thank the Lord for securing our limbs, and not impairing any of our senses, without realizing, all of it can be taken away in just 2 minutes. Must stop taking things for granted. Must be more humble and look at the bigger picture. Life isn’t about wearing the most expensive clothes or getting the biggest diamonds or buying the biggest house … life is about being good, kind, helpful, humble, grateful and compassionate. God, please give us all the strength to cultivate kindness and compassion and not vanity and wastefulness. As a new year begins in my life .. I would like this to be my mantra. Have more thoughts on similar topics to be added on soon!