Areille - the Lioness of God

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wedding vs. Sanity!

Today, I have one month left for the wedding. No reason for not blogging .. but somehow I have become one of those .. too many thoughts .. but too busy to pen! Ugh!

Anyway .. here is a thought I have been having lately. I have heard about crazy whacko brides .. I have seen a few in person too .. and all I want is me not to be one of them. How does one remain calm & pleasant under such pressure? Do they have to call it THE most imp. day of your life? Frankly, I feel the days following the wedding day .. are all THE most important days ouf our lives .. but that's another blog altogether .. esp. since I will have authority to write about post-wedding behavior only after the 27th of nov. :) Back to the crazy brides .. I've been thinking about how not to freak out when my pallu doesn't match my toe ring (exaggerating of course) .. and when the makeup lady is late .. or doesn't finish up on time. When we miss the muhurat .. or someone spills something on me ... how does the Bride get trained to stay calm? How how how?

The path I have decided to choose is one my Dad advocates - Positive Visualization! I have seen it work several times ... and so .. from today .. it's only happy positive thoughts. Only the best will happen .. and people will always say the kindest things .. and everything will go as planned .. and I will stay calm and glowing through out .. and if something goes wrong .. so what .. no big deal. People including me will discuss about it for a day or two .. and then it will all be forgotten in the million other life events we have. No pressure .. no stress.

** Hope it works! :-) **