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Friday, March 16, 2007

A personal reminder!

I feel very grateful today. Nope didn't get a big raise or a beautiful diamond necklace or a marriage proposal from some hunky dory dude. I got nothing new today ... but still, I have everything I need. And that's why I am grateful.

When I hear statistics like 80% of the Indian population survives in less than $2 a day or that 50,000 people around the world are going to die today just because of poverty, I can't help but be thankful. Oh my God, someone please hit me on the head when I complain about staying those extra 2 hrs at work or being passed up for a promotion or when I think my boyfriend doesn't love me cause he didn't call me for two whole hours. Seriously!!! I feel so ashamed. Our so-called sorrows are soooo insignificant that I am embarassed to even talk about them. We let our day to day crap bog us down so much that we forget what all those people, who are just like us, are going through in some other part of the world.

The reason I post this is as a reminder to myself. Cause I know that tomorrow or maybe even tonight, I will, cause of habit, complain about how dinner wasn't too good or how my hair is too frizzy! And I am hoping that one of you out there are with me to remind me just this very same thing. [P.S. It's amazing how statistics like 80% poverty isn't a reminder enough!]


  • At 3/20/2007 12:13 PM, Anonymous the zesty yet suicidal pet said…

    Are we (the readers) to assume that your single status has evaporated from the time your last blog was posted? The reference to your boyfriend in your latest post seems to deny you a denial.

  • At 3/20/2007 12:41 PM, Blogger Areille said…

    No honey, I didn't get passed up for that promotion and nor do I have a boyfriend who doesn't call for a whole 2 hours. They were just things I have heard ppl complain off oh-so-often. Still single! :)

    Do I know you?? Your name is so interesting!

  • At 3/21/2007 1:32 PM, Blogger i 7 said…

    reminded, i am too!


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