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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lucky Number 26.2!

Alright ... I have been convinced once again! My lovely running buddy, Ciara, and the wonderful Team Asha boys have managed to pull me in again! But this time ... it ain't a half- marathon!! I am attempting a FULL one!! Gosh! I can't believe it. In Jan of 2006, I could barely run a minute. And now I am thinking of 26.2 miles. I HAVE gone crazy! My target race is the AT&T Marathon happening on 18th of Feb. I am very very VERY excited to start training which begins with a 5-miler on the labor day weekend coming up! BUT, I also dread giving everyone I know the "I have to run tomorrow" excuse. I think people got pretty tired of that the last time. But you know what, after 3 drinks who even remembered if I was there or not! Right? I don't know if it's age or just the overdose, I don't even enjoy the downtown scene too much these days and this training seems so much more fun. I don't mean to ridicule the party goers, oh I did enjoy that scene A LOT a while back, but I think it's just different phases of life. Yeah yeah! I am an oldie. :) Anyway, back to my running, I am really really excited about this!!! Wish me luck and hope my legs stay loyal to me!


  • At 8/28/2007 8:39 AM, Blogger Ciara said…

    I am so darn excited that you're doing this!!! Although I'm looking forward to the MCM - it's gonna be awesome doing a 26.2 on the home turf!! YAY!!!!!


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