Areille - the Lioness of God

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why can't you say one thing ... *any*thing ... to make me feel better?

I have so many friends who are on the 'low' phase ... feeling the pain. I too have felt that pain for many months. The fear of being alone .. the pain of seeing people around you going ahead of you. People you grew up with, went to college with, phases ahead of you in life. You don't want to be left behind. I have only lived 28 years ... but from my little life's experience, I could say that was one of the worst kind of pain I'd felt. I am sure death of near one's and having a terminal disease is much worse. But this pain is different ... we knows its temporary, but we still fear and wonder if it really is temporary. And there is noone around us who can make us feel better.

Quoting something I heard on TV yday ... there are no shortcuts in life or in love. This pain must be felt ... the alternative is much worse. It's what makes us special, what makes us beautiful ... what makes us worthy. The pain of how we love! But that pain is accompanied by something else ... hope! With pain .. there is hope. And that is where you are ... somewhere between agony and optimism and prayer.

And as they say .. it is when we really experience the *low* can we appreciate and enjoy the *high*! Keep the faith on!