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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Got Clean?

Fresh air, clean roads, clean water, footpaths with no pot holes, airconditioned malls (with the air conditioner actually working), traffic control, no pollution (- be it noise, air, water), electricity!

I am currently on my yearly vacation in India and with each passing day I find new things to add to the list above which I tend to take for granted. In the US, I often forget that I come from a country where the above 'basics' are non-existent and will be non-existent for years and decades to come. Something simple like taking a morning walk outdoors can be compared to a hurdle race. I continuously look down as I don't want to step on that fresh pile of dung or step into that missing slab of stone on the 'footpath' only to have my head bump into some random pole. Ofcourse at the same time, I will be dodging a million people, cows, vehicles and street dogs.

These yearly vacations definitely serve as great eye openers. It reminds us to be thankful for the 'little' things which are priviliges to many. Definitely motivates us to give back a little something to our own Bharat maa and do something for our bhaai bandhoo! Dad always advocated that atleast 10% of your salary must go to charity. Now I know why.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Do I really want to know?

I got an anonymous comment on one of my recent posts asking me what my opinion was on revealing past relationships. I guess the commenter wanted to get my point of view on what a desi girl could handle. This definitely got me thinking and thought I should elaborate on a few of my thoughts. This is ofcourse only my opinion and I definitely think that the answer differs on a per-case basis.

How much is too little?

When I meet a person, I definitely want to know if the guy has dated before. Anyone in their mid-late 20s who has a similar social background as mine, better have had at least one relationship. Ofcourse there is nothing wrong if they haven't, but I am human and I will not stop wondering - whats wrong with him? I don't even think I will be too comfortable dating such a guy.

What about the details?

Info of interest to me is who/what type of girl he dated, why he broke up, level of relationship (fling, parents involved, live-in, engagement?). But the reason I would want to know this information is because I am 100% sure that I won't take it negatively. I wouldn't reject a person because of a broken engagement. A broken engagement might help me learn that the guy is looking for an engagement level relationship. The various break up reasons would help me understand what is really important to him. Maybe he broke up cause his parents disagreed or religious reasons. From that, I can then be kind of sure that if we are not the same religion, chances are I will be out too. The types of girls he dated can be a tricky one ... it tells me what type of a girl he is looking for but also shows me what type of girls didn't work out for him. SO not sure how I would use that info. Nevertheless, when it's taken as 'info', it can come in handy. Have to be careful cause none of these are 'definite' but it kinda helps us get an idea.

How much is too much?

I would definitely not want to know what turned her on or how hot she was or how many times, where all ... blah blah! If you give me that information ... God save you! :P

Again, this is info I know I can handle and so this is also the level of information I feel comfortable sharing. A lot of people say and think they can handle more than this, but when the crisis time comes, we start to use the sensitive details (knowingly or unknowingly) to hit the other below the belt and we all know that is sooo not nice.

Warning: I have met a few who can't even handle the 'number'! So again, this isn't the bible but I think is probably what the average desi would agree on! What say?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Got Thoughts?

Was reading a Time magazine article this morning on the power of the subconscious. It detailed a few success stories of people who were categorized as vegetables and slowly regained functionality purely with the power of the subconscious. Amazing!

Have you ever gotten up in the morning and criticized yourself for being too fat, too short, too tall, too dark? Maybe everyday? Been at work and said to yourself - Oh God! I am so stupid ... I can *never* get this right. Well I have said it all ... and now saying it just seems scary. If our own mind is so powerful, why aren't we more careful with our thoughts? If our body has been proven to respond so well to our mind, don't you think when someone says "oh that cookie is going straight to my hips", our body will eventually start taking those as orders? Definitely gave a whole new layer to - "It's all in your mind"!!

All I can say is, think pretty, think pleasant, think positive!