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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My "Type"?

So yeah, marriages all around. It's just that time of the year when a whole bunch of ppl you know are going to go to INdia and either come back engaged to someone they didn't know 2 weeks back or marry their lovers of a few years! I am always happy to hear about other people's success stories in the love arena but I often wonder why I haven't found my mate yet. It's not that I haven't had opportunities ... but either I have messed them up or just didn't feel that they were my 'type'. But I can't help but wonder if I am the one who is cuckoo here. Are my expectations too high? What really is my type? Have I forgotten how to compromise? Or am I so heavily influenced by the movies, the love at first sight and the sparks that when I don't see it in the first look, I get disappointed.

I was talking to my sis yesterday and getting some words of wisdom from her. She said it well. You are never going to like everything you see about the guy the first time you see him. Even the best friends you have today, it's not like you felt the same about them from the very first moment. It took time and a lot of ups and downs to bring the relationship to where it is today! With time we grow to love the good in a person and ignore the bad. Then why do we expect our "love" relation to be flawless. WHy are we so quick to jump into a conclusion?

A random Leo horoscope of the day:

"You keep saying someone's not your type - but how has your type worked out before? It's worth giving someone different a shot."

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Battle of the Sexes - A woman's perspective!

I just saw Aaja Nachle and loved it.  Madhuri is in full form .. her dancing, gracefulness, acting .... muuuuah!  Anyway, this post is really not a review of the movie but  is still kinda related. 

One of the side characters in the movie is this ungroomed girl who is in loveee with a cutie boy.  And the only way she knows how to profess her love is by sticking to him 24/7.  She figures the more time she spends with him, he is bound to love her.  But then, lucky for her, she gets advised.  She learns from another's experience that guys are tuned differently.  She is told that the more she sticks to him, the more he is going to run away or resent her very sight.  So she first begins by becoming presentable and then starts the very popular hard-to-get game.  She realizes that this 'hard to get' game is really 'hard-to-play', but she keeps it up and what do you know!!

Yes we have learnt the tricks and work arounds ... but it makes me wonder why men and women are wired so differently.  Through some painful embarrassing experiences, some of us girls learn the above.  Others are lucky to find friends to pass on this invaluable info.   And even though, we are now educated, we still manage to reply to every email, text message and phone call of the guy we want, in a few mins.  The 'ignoring' part is a lot of hard-work for us which we succeed at here and there.  There are days when you get so fed up and take a stance - "I am going to ignore him completely today".  The phone rings, it's him, you avoid.  2 mins later, you start wondering, what if it was something life threatening(when is it ever?  And would he really call you??), I should just call to see if he is safe!  And there we go!  Ugh!  Ya you could say we are kind and considerate, but more than that, we find ourselves so dumb when we call back, and he doesn't answer ... and doesn't bother to call for the next whole week!!!!  Dammit I should have just ignored it the first time and left it at that!  

The funny thing is at the end of it, all of us have the same goal - to love and to be loved.  I guess we just like complicating the paths to attain it.  Keeps us amused huh?