Areille - the Lioness of God

Friday, November 17, 2006


Somewhere last week I thought I was suffering from a mild case of insomnia. I averaged around 5 hours of sleep for 10 days and was fresh throughout the day - full of energy, ready to party! And then arrived the cure - 6 hours of defensive driving!!! man! That stuff is potent. Apart from all the horrible jokes cracked, I think I did learn a few things which I hope to keep in mind.

They showed some horrifying true stories caused by drunken drivers and it was just sad. Got me thinking - is it worth the risk?? It isn't a cummulative thing, it just needs one bad moment!! Very very scary stuff. I really hope I keep my word on this, I don't want to drive intoxicated anymore.

Also an educative bit was 2 beers or an ounce of pure alcohol takes your body one hour to digest. So if I stick to 2 drinks for the evening and wait it out, I should be in an okay condition to drive. Still not the best of the situations but better than all the risks I have taken.

Did you also know that studies have proven that driving while using a cell phone is as distracting as having blood alcohol level of 0.08%? Yikes. Now that's something I do every single day several times a day!

Bad habits die hard, but need to die, and die they must, if I want to live!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A follow up . ..

Another interesting thing I heard which follows up well on my previous post! On Sopranos, this Russian lady who has only one leg, enthusiastically learns some new computer language. Tony Soprano is amazed with her zest for life and questions her about it. She replies, "In America, people have money, luxuries, all the conveniences, and still they are forever searching for happiness. They sit on their big leather couches and have to talk to shrinks about how depressing their lives are. From where I come, people are just plain happy & grateful when bad things don't happen to them!"

I found that pretty inspiring. :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A post for my thoughts . . .

I got one of my fav. compliments today - "You have a knack of looking at the positive side of every situation!" I love that compliment and I strive to maintain that attitude. I don't think I do an excellent job of keeping it up all the time, but I try. My message for the day is - we can always look at someone in a better situation and crib. But lets try to remember that every one of you reading this post are in a way way way way better situation than the 400 MILLION Indians below the national poverty line!! So stop wallowing in self-pity and act positive, think positive, be positive!! It's the only way out!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Good ol' days

Somewhere around Feb of this year, I decided to revisit This was a site I was introduced to early 2005 but never sparked an interest. But for some reason, this year in Austin, it became the 'in' thing to do.

Anyways, talking about Orkut I know is opening a can of worms. So many different stories, so many new people, so many scandals, the list goes on. But this post is about a thought I had yesterday. Through this site, I have gotten in touch with quite a few of my high school friends. These were people who I last saw 10 years back! We used to be in our navy blue pinafores, white shirts, some of us in pig tails, all protected and unaware of the big bad world. And today, we are in completely different stages of life. Some of us are single, wild and partying hard (ahem!), some of us are doctors making a good sum in UK, some of us have been married for years and have a few toddlers running around!! Man! It feels soo weird talking to all these people. The minute you see them, you go back to where you left and you forget all that has happened in between. Just can't relate to them being anything other than that girl you shared every lunch with or that boy who pulled your pony tail in the school bus!

I miss those days. I miss coming home to my parents. I miss those family dinners where everyone would eat together and watch movies like Chupke chupke or Gol maal over and over. I miss my teachers punishing me for laughing too much in class! I miss my parents being the most powerful and knowledgeable people known to me. I miss sitting everyday next to my best friend in class for 8 hours and never running out of things to say. I miss those hot evening snacks my Mom would make when I came home from school. I miss those long phone conversations with classmates about how the "Quit India movement dates" are just the toughest to memorize. I miss sneaking and calling my friends without my parents knowledge. I miss the fear of getting caught. I miss the dependence. I miss it all!

Monday, November 06, 2006

uhhh . . .

So my previous post caused a lot of stir, so I have decided to write on something totally different, weird and (hopefully) repelling.

Here goes: I think my cat gets turned on by me!

So I have 2 cats. One is the typical cutey cat who loves sitting on my lap, purring, loves me brushing his fur etc. etc.

The second one hates being touched. He is one angry cat and loves being on his own. But then there are certain times of the day he kinda changes. He starts meowing in a diff. tone and then starts sniffing my hand. He will start at my fingers and work his way up to my neck and then finally my hair. He also waits outside the shower for me religiously every single day. And at night, he just watches me go to sleep and can't bear not being in the same room as I! It's almost like I have a psycho-cat-stalker or something.

Does this all sound real weird? And is it even weirder that I have decided to write about it? And have I scared off quite a few of you? :D

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A girl's angle on the first signs of love!

Having crushes and falling in love is all such a beautiful feeling. Esp. the first few weeks/months when everything is rosy in your head. With lots of experience in this field, I have always made mental notes of the 'signs' and finally decided to pen them forever. Ofcourse this is a girl's perspective. Though, I have seen quite a few of my guy friends experience some of these.

- Start thinking much more about the person than you regularly would.
- Are tempted to call the person ALL the time and actually have to hold back cause you feel you might be calling one time too many.
- You will put an international call on hold or even hang up if they call you on the other line.
- An email from them leaves you smiling.
- You run to the computer everytime you hear the 'ding' noise indicating someone has just logged on to IM.
-If it *is* them, you wait for a few mins, before messaging them, so that you don't seem to eager.
- It kills you when they don't reply and then you start wishing you had pinged them as soon as they logged in cause it just might be too late now!
- An unexpected phone call from them keeps you in high spirits for the rest of the week.
- You wonder what they are doing ALL the time.
- You are willing to drop all your evening plans just to go grocery shopping with them.
- You start going for parties/events which you wouldn't normally just cause they are there.
- You miss them when they are absent in the crowd you expected to catch them in.
- And your feelings of disappointment refuse to hide.

I am sure there are many more to add, so feel free to comment all that you think I have missed. And Boys, I would love to know what you think are your first signs of love if different from the above.